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College Results

It is the mission of Pre-College Programs to assist students to graduate from high school and to matriculate into four-year, postsecondary institutions. Our program alumni are currently attending or have graduate from:

Pre-College Program students
  • Bennett College

  • Brown University

  • Bryn Mawr College

  • Catholic University of America

  • Clark Atlanta University

  • Delaware State University

  • George Mason University

  • Harvard University

  • Howard University

  • Johns Hokins University

  • Morehouse College

  • Morgan State University

  • New York University

  • Ohio State University

  • Seton Hall University

Pre-College graduates
  • St. John's University

  • Syracuse University

  • Temple University

  • Towson University

  • University of Hartford

  • University of Maryland

  • University of Maryland Baltimore County

  • University of Maryland Eastern Shore

  • University of North Carolina

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • University of Pittsburgh

  • University of Virginia

  • University of Wisconsin

  • Virginia State University

  • Xavier University

Student Testimonials

"My participation in Upward Bound impacted my life because it provided me with a sense of what college life would be like because I was taught on an advanced level and lived on a college campus. I was exposed to different diverse cultures and backgrounds, which helped me to grow as a person. Upward Bound also helped me to stay inspired to be an excellent student. Although I was always a hard worker, I feel like Upward Bound was a support system which gave me extraordinary opportunities and assistance with my goals and my future." Victoria Mason, Potomac HS Class of 2013 Gates Millennium Scholar, George Mason University undergraduate student.

"Upward Bound has impacted my life by always giving me that nudge to stop being lazy. This program made me realize my dream of going to college. Even when I felt like giving up, UB staff was always there to push me. Now, my dream of going to college is coming true!" - Ayinde Spicer, Northwood HS Class of 2013, University of Maryland Eastern Shore undergraduate student.

"You're not just in Upward Bound to improve your grades, you're in Upward Bound to gain a college experience before you go to college." - Corey Fredrick, Bladensburg HS Class of 2012, Delaware State University undergraduate student.