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With college admissions becoming more and more competitive, students need every advantage (or LIFT) possible in order to excel beyond their high school years. Our programs are available both during the summer and throughout the academic year to serve as a supplement to a student's high school experiences by creating more opportunities for students to become college ready and build their academic and social skills.

LIFT Program offers SAT Prep courses, Tutoring Services and College Tours.

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The SAT Preparation 5-week Course provides students with the knowledge and strategies necessary for success on the SAT. The course is offered on Saturdays, 9am - 12:30pm, four times during the academic year and coincides with the official administration of the SAT.

Cost for all applicants: $349

Class dates for the 2016-2017 school year:

  • September 2nd - 30th (Payment Deadline: 9/22/2017)

  • October 21st - November 18th (Payment Deadline: 11/13/2017)

  • February 3rd - March 3rd (Payment Deadline: 1/26/2017)

  • March 24th - April 21st (Payment Deadline: 3/16/2018)

  • April 28th - May 26th (Payment Deadline: 4/20/2018)

Students build test-taking confidence through:

  • 14 hours of INSTRUCTION on test-taking strategies

  • Two professionally EXPERIENCED SAT instructors

  • Two full-length PRACTICE tests

To learn more about the SAT and SAT Subject Tests please visit the College Board website.

Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. For best consideration, please submit registration form at least two weeks prior to the start of the course.

Pre-College Programs reserves the right to cancel any session if the minimum number of registered students is not met. In the case of cancellation, refunds will be granted.

LIFT provides students tours of campuses, meetings with admissions representatives, and opportunities for on-the-spot college acceptance. College tours offer students visits to elite Universities, competitive liberal arts colleges, and prestigious HBCUs.

Stay tuned for updates on Summer 2017 college tour.

Summer 2017 application availble. Click here on this application.

The Summer 2017 LIFT program is a six-week program that will cover different topics during two-week long sessions. Each week students will complete a project that will be a real-world application of the skills they learned during the session. The students will also have smaller assignments and team challenges related to the week’s topic, which will require them to think critically and can be used in the completion of their projects. Students will be expected to have an introduction to topics of focus during morning classroom instruction and will use what they learn in supporting activities throughout the day. In addition, students will have directed study time and necessary reflection time each night that will assist them in fully understanding the information they are given. Students may reflect using a journal, blog, or other means of communication including directed discussion.

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Course Timeline for LIFT 2017 Summer Program

Course June 19th to 30th July 3rd to 14th July 17th to 28th
Intensive SAT Prep Camp Offered Not Offered Offered
Intensive PSAT Prep Camp Offered Not Offered Offered
Intensive College Essay Writing Offered Offered Offered
College and Career Exploration Offered Not Offered Offered
Intro to Web-Design using HTML5 and CSS3 Not Offered Offered Offered

Course Descriptions

College and Career Exploration

The College and Career Exploration course is designed for rising 11th and 12th graders who are ready to begin the college application process. The course guides students through self-discovery assignments and a career assessment to identify strengths and interests. In addition, students learn exploration techniques to begin defining and clarifying career plans. Students also create a resume and elevator pitch, conduct research on good-fit colleges, create a list of prospective colleges, begin drafting essays, receive guidance on securing letters of recommendation and practice interviewing skills.

Intensive PSAT/SAT Prep Camp

This course will prepare 8th grader through 10th graders for the PSAT and high schoolers for the SAT. Our intensive program includes three full-length SAT simulations with guided review and approaches to address updates to new test.

Intro to Web Development using HTML5 & CSS3

This course covers how to write syntactically correct HTML5 and CSS3. Mastering these two technologies will allow students to develop high quality web sites that work seamlessly on mobile, tablet, and large screen browsers. Students will develop a professional-quality web portfolio demonstrating their growth as a web developer and their knowledge of web design. This will include the ability to design and implement a responsive site that utilizes tools that are accessible to a wide audience including those with visual, audio, physical and cognitive challenges. Topics include logical design principles, visual design principles, usability and accessibility considerations, web file management, FTP, HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, front-end frameworks, Word Press editor, as well as guidelines to consider when choosing commercial web hosting services.


Who qualifies for the LIFT Program?

Any rising 7th -12th grader is eligible for LIFT programs.

Do you have to be affiliated with the University of Maryland to apply?

The parent/child does not have to be affiliated with the University in any way to participate in LIFT's programs.

Are children of University of Maryland staff and faculty eligible for tuition remission?

No, tuition remission cannot be applied towards the cost of any LIFT program activities.

Will this program help my child gain admissions to the University of Maryland?

Participation in any LIFT program activities does not guarantee admission into a degree-seeking program at the University of Maryland.

What happens if a program is cancelled?

If enrollment minimums are not met, LIFT reserves the right to cancel any program up to one week before it is scheduled to begin. In the unlikely event of a cancellation, parents and students will be notified promptly and all application, program, and room and board expenses already paid will be refunded.

Summer Program

Does my child have to stay on campus?

No. A student can be a commuter student for any of our summer programs. All students are expected to arrive on campus each day by 8:30am and report to their first period class. They are dismissed on Mondays – Thursdays at 5:00pm and on Fridays after the evening presentations.

Who will be supervising my child?

LIFT program staff, and instructors

What if my child is absent or needs to leave campus?

Students who have a prior knowledge of an upcoming absence, should inform the Program Coordinator of the absence(s). It will be the responsibility of the student to contact his/her instructors for any missed assignments.

What happens if a student becomes ill?

All students must complete an emergency contact form that includes health insurance policy numbers. If a student should become ill or injured, he/she will be taken to the Health Center located on campus or to the nearest hospital, depending on the severity of the injury or illness. A parent/guardian must make immediate arrangements to ensure quality care for a student. Although this form will facilitate a student's admittance to a health center, it does not permit the University of Maryland to assume responsibility for healthcare needs. A student can visit the Health Center any time during the hours of operation. Families will be billed for any services or treatment received. If a student misses class due to illness, he/she can request written proof from the Health Center to give to an instructor.


What classes are available during the summer?

Curriculum for our Summer Institutes can be found on the adjacent "Summer Program" tab of this page.

Can my child earn academic credit?

Academic credit is not offered. This is one of the ways LIFT is able to keep costs well below other academic summer programs.