News and Events

Student Government Officers

  • President - Ariel Coreas Estrada
  • Vice President - Harsh Singh
  • Secretary - Brenda Ntang Nkem
  • Treasurer - Ruth Abreham
  • Assistant Treasurer - Yaa Awusi-Sarkodie
  • 12th Grade Representative - Kevin Villatoro
  • 11th Grade Representative - Alicia Watson
  • 10th Grade Representative - Sara Canales

The Stepping Stone

The Stepping Stone is the official newsletter of Pre-College Programs...

Parent Association

Who are we? We are the parents of student participants enrolled in the Upward Bound and/ or Upward Bound Math-Science Programs. Pre-College Programs will be enhanced by the contribution of its parents. All parents are automatically members of the Parent Association. The four (4) committees below comprise the Parent Association.


About Pre-College Programs

Pre-College Programs in Undergraduate Studies provide education services to mitgate economic and social, inequities that impact access to higher-education.

Pre-College Programs provide high school academic counseling and support, career guidance, finacial aid guidance, personal development seminars and college preparation workshops.