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Programs Overview

Pre-College Programs is comprised of the Upward Bound (UB), Upward Bound Math-Science (UBMS), and LIFT Programs. Nearly 100% of our students attend college (96%), many receiving prestigious awards, such as Gates Millennium and Posse scholarships. Our students come from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds, many from immigrant families and most are future first generation college students.

Pre-College Programs tutor and student

Pre-College Programs tutors play an important part in our learning activities.

What Is Upward Bound?

The Upward Bound Program is a federally and state funded educational program that provides academic and counseling services to students in preparation for post-secondary education. The University of Maryland's program is one of the nation's largest and longest funded and is cited as a model for other institutions.

What Is the Purpose of Upward Bound?

Our purpose is to supplement our students secondary school experiences by providing opportunities for academic, social, and emotional development in preparation for college.

What Is The Purpose of Upward Bound Math-Science?

The Upward Bound Math-Science Program (UBMS) was initiated in 1990 and designed to prepare students for careers in math and science.

See the The Pre-College Programs Assessment Plan for more information.

"I never really thought that I would actually get into college. Then, I started Upward Bound and I have grown and blossomed...I brought my grades up when I thought I couldn't, and I have made amazing and accepting friends who have the same goals as I do. I want to be a model for my little brother and show him that with a little push and hard work he can be anything and be rewarded in the end. UB family - Thank you!" - Carmen Uranga, Montgomery Blair HS Class of 2013, Trinity Washington University