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The Upward Bound Program provides academic and career counseling to students toward the goals of admission to and graduation from four-year post-secondary institutions. The Upward Bound Program supplements its participants’ secondary school experiences by creating opportunities for students to gain self-esteem by enhancing their academic and social skills.

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Program Services

  • Academic year sessions

  • Six-week summer session

  • Tutoring Services

  • Leadership Opportunities

  • Counseling Services

  • Career exploration & guidance


  1. A US citizen naturalized or permanent resident.

  2. Must be currently enrolled at one of the following high schools:

    • Bladensburg High School
    • Parkdale High School
    • High Point High School
    • Northwood High School
    • Central High School
    • Northwestern High School

  3. Must be a potential first-generation college student and/or meet federal financial guidelines as defined by the US Department of Education.

Online Application Process

The applicatoin can take 20 - 30 mins to complete and will require both Parent's and Student's signature. Please make sure you have all the following documents ready before starting:

  1. Three (3) letters of recommendation (PDF).

  2. A personal essay stating interest in program participation (PDF)

  3. A copy of your high school transcrpt (or middle school if you are a rising 9th grader) (PDF).

  4. A copy of relevant standardized test records. (PDF)

  5. Family financial verification, i.e., a copy of the most recent 1040 form or proof of income benefits (i.e., social security, public assistance) (PDF).

Apply to Upward Bound Program

If you have any queries, please reach out to Mr. Jonas Beaubrun, Counselor at jbeaubru@umd.edu