Personalized Learning in Saturday Academy

Students enrolled in the Pre-College Programs’ Saturday Academy are now embarking on a new journey. No longer will they sit in front of a teacher with a one size fits all curriculum model. Teachers now guide their students through a series of "Quests" to explore various subject matters in a personalized learning environment. The Saturday Academy provides supplemental instruction for students in Math, Science, English and foreign languages in conjunction with professional development seminars. Our Saturday Academy staff tutors provide preparation for upcoming high school coursework, and ensure enhancement of learning strategies, study skills and time management skills, which will result in higher grade point averages (G.P.A.) and standardized test performance (i.e., HSA, SAT, ACT).

Executive Director, Dr. Georgette Hardy DeJesus is aligning Pre-College Program's goals with the direction of the University of Maryland’s Undergraduate Studies technology integration plans. Dr. Hardy De Jesus says: “Personalized learning systems are becoming an integral part of the future of the instructional process in higher education.” The program is able to expose high school students to the rigors of university coursework with discovery-driven learning methodologies.

Pre-College has partnered with Next Generation Learning (NGL) to design and support active learning among high school students on the University of Maryland Campus. NGL enables relevant, engaged learning that activates students, helps them build real skills using innovative materials aligned to local and national standards.

Students can login to Quest! here - Click Here