Summer 2020

All students must sign up for the Summer Session in order to remain eligible for program services any stipend awarded. If you have a problem, special situation, or concern, please contact Dr. Kinard at

Summer Enrollment Form

June 22, 2020 to July 31, 2020

From the Desk of the Executive Director:
Dr. Georgette Hardy-DeJesus

This summer, a whole new experience will take place between the University of Maryland's Pre-College Programs (Upward Bound) and it's Summer Academy students. They will participate in virtual academic enrichment courses based on the university's innovative education model.

For six weeks, participants attend a variety of online classes including Math, Science, English, and electives. Our curriculum is designed with a holistic approach in mind. In addition to its academic focus, counseling services, cultural clubs, and our unique, socially relevant, Living Learning Communities (LLC) will be offered, as well as, an experiential learning model that will integrate classroom instruction with student’s experiences in personal/financial workshops, virtual college visits, and virtual field trips.

Most importantly, we promote the active collaboration between parents, teachers, students, and staff to collectively address the current significant challenges we face.

More about the summer academy

    In addition to improving academic skills:
  • • Students interact with talented college students (TC's) that help them to better understand higher education systems,
  • • Learn how to identify scholarships, apply for funding for college, and participate in career exploration activities.
  • • Virtually visit colleges, museums, local businesses and industries, art galleries, and more.
  • • All Upward Bound students are eligible to take an Education Planning course.
  • • Seniors may participate in a "SIBS" program after completing their senior year in high school.* (* "SIBS" bridge program to help in the transition to college.)
  • • To celebrate students’ hard work at Summer Academy, an awards ceremony is held on the last day of the program. Families and students are invited to celebrate a successful 6 weeks, presentations of student and awards, and project reports.