Welcome to The Upward Bound Program

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The Upward Bound Program provides academic and career counseling to students toward the goals of admission to and graduation from four-year post-secondary institutions. The Upward Bound Program supplements its participants’ secondary school experiences by creating opportunities for students to gain self-esteem by enhancing their academic and social skills.

The Upward Bound Program consists of two components:

  1. The six-week summer session provides students opportunities to live in University of Maryland residence halls and attend academic classes in the areas of mathematics, science, composition, reading, foreign languages and study skills.

  2. The academic year sessions provide students further academic instruction, tutoring and counseling as a follow-up to summer activities. Additional services are also available during this time.

Students must attend one of the following high schools:

  • Bladensburg High School
  • Parkdale High School
  • High Point High School
  • Northwood High School
  • Central High School
  • Northwestern High School

Dr. Janis Arrindell Email ID: jarrinde@umd.edu Phone No: 301-405-6783

Dr. Arrindell provides services for students at:
  • Bladensburg High School
  • Parkdale High School

Ms. Moya Malcolm Email ID: mmalcolm@umd.edu Phone No: 301-405-0952

Ms. Malcolm provides services to students at:
  • High Point High School
  • Northwood High School
She also collaborates with school counselors and the AVID and ACES coordinators.

Mr. Jonas Beaubrun Email ID: jbeaubru@umd.edu Phone No: 301-405-6784

Mr. Beaubrun provides services for students at:
  • Central High School
  • Northwestern High School

  1. Submit a Upward Bound (UB) application (PDF)

  2. Submit three (3) letters of recommendation (PDF),

  3. Write a personal essay stating interest in program participation.

  4. Request a copy of your high school transcrpt (or middle school if you are a rising 9th grader).

  5. Request a copy of relevant standardized test records.

  6. Include family financial verification, i.e., a copy of the most recent 1040 form or proof of income benefits (i.e., social security, public assistance).

  7. Applications for UB are accepted year round.

The summer residential component allows student to become familiar with the college experience by living in the residence halls for six weeks, eating in the dining halls, attending classes and taking part in recreational and cultural activities on the University of Maryland campus.

Classes: Upward Bound offers students classes in mathematics, science, English, computer science, SAT/PSAT preparation, and foreign languages. The classes are designed to prepare students for subjects they will be taking the following fall. Class sizes are small, giving students more individualized instruction. Students also have mandatory study hall daily where they are provided the additional assistance of Tutor Counselors.

Dates for the Summer 2018 Residential Program are June 17 - July 27, 2018

How to Apply?

Students need to fill out the following two forms and return them to the Pre-College Programs office before the deadline to be considered for the 2018 Summer program participation

Please note:
Applicants Who Submit Packets After The Deadline May Not Be Considered For Summer Program Participation.
Applications Will Not Be Considered Until All Information Has Been Received.
Physician’s signature is required for students who have not participated in a previous UB/UBMS summer session. Section A must be completed by all students.
Physician must sign Medical Clearance Form, Medical History Form and Immunization Record.
Please be sure to sign all forms where indicated and return them to the Pre-College Programs Main office. Do not submit them to the University Health Center

Academic Year Programs provides the following services

Saturday Academy

Pre-College Programs provides supplemental instruction for students in Math, Science, English and foreign languages along with professional development seminars. Our staff tutors help in providing preparation for upcoming high school coursework. We ensure enhancement of learning strategies, study skills and time management skills, which will result in higher grade point averages (G.P.A.) and standardized test performance (e.g., HSA, SAT, ACT)

Tutoring Services

Pre-College Programs provides Tutoring Services for enrolled students. If you are an enrolled PCP student and are in need of tutoring, please click on this application to complete a tutoring request form.
We also provide school tutoring at select high schools and community locations

Leadership Opportunities

Students can avail leadership opportunities through Student Government Association and School Ambassadors program.
Student Government Association is established to provide a voice for the student body to the Pre-College Programs’ Administrative Staff.
The School Ambassador program provides a current student to serve as a link between their target school and UMD Pre-College Programs. Ambassadors also provide support for continuing students and students who have recently been accepted into Pre-College Programs.

Counseling Services

Students participate in weekly counseling sessions led by the staff counselors. The purpose of the counseling program is to help foster a positive attitude toward classroom attendance, study habits, and test taking. It is also designed to assist students in acquiring a positive self-image, improving decision-making skills, and dealing with obstacles to academic success.
We aim to assist students in making the smooth transition between middle, secondary, and postsecondary education through group activities and individual meetings with the staff counselors.

Career exploration & guidance

Students at Pre-College Programs have access to various resources when beginning their search for colleges. Through individual and group guidance, counselors assist students with identifying their academic, personal, and social needs and exploring institutions that best match these needs. Students also have the opportunity to visit college campuses during spring and fall college tours. As high school seniors, students are provided college application fee waivers as well as guidance with completing college applications, essays, and resumes.

Our counselors also help students and parents locate financial assistance to fund future college education expenses. Through individual and group guidance, counselors assist students and parents with exploring scholarship resources as well as navigating the federal financial aid process. Students are also guided through completing the paperwork necessary for financial assistance applications.